Brass Neutral Links

We are Elementary Exporter of various kind of Brass Neutral Earth Bar/Links & Brass Terminal Block.


→ Free cutting brass IS 319-1 type
→ High grade free cutting brass
→ Free cutting brass as per BS 249 type.
→ Any brass material as per customer Composition & Specification.


Begins from M2 or equivalent threads (6 amp to 300 amp) and up-to any size as per Custom Designs or requirements


→ BA Threads
→ ISO Metric (MM Threads)
→ BSW Threads.
→ UNC & UNF Thread
→As Per Customer Requirement.


Neutral, Silver Plated, Nickel Plated, Tin Plated & other Coating as per Customer Demand.

brass neutral linkBrass neutral links

brass neutral links12.Brass Neutral Links